About Us

We were first introduced to Pickleball at Smash Park. We were instantly hooked. We didn't know the rules but we would quickly learn the ins and outs playing with others we found through Playtime Scheduler and the rest is history!

But as we leveled up our game, we quickly realized something was missing - pickleball gear that was made for players like us that was not just functional but stylish too.

So, we created our own.
Today, we’re proud to present Pritch Pickleball - a pickleball apparal, gear, and accessories brand by players for players. Welcome to our pickleball family.

We’re here to serve pickleball players at every stage of their pickleball journey, with gear that helps them elevate their game and look good while doing it. 

Let’s reach new heights in style - on and off the courts. 🚀