About Pritch Pickleball

Welcome to the Pritch Pickleball family! We are a forward-thinking pickleball apparel brand committed to helping players reach new heights on and off the courts in style. Through our premium pickleball clothing, gear, and accessories, we aspire to push the boundaries of the fast growing, exhilarating sport's fashion.

Our story starts back in March 2020, at a time when the world was grappling with an imminent pandemic. Born from an intermediate volleyball team’s canceled tournament, we discovered our love for pickleball at Smash Park, a local pickleball hub. Though we initially grappled with the rules, wielding wooden Onix paddles and playing under tennis regulations, we found the experience undeniably fun. This was the genesis of our love affair with pickleball.

Little by little, we migrated from the local dive bar Norm's Pub with a backyard pickleball court to the well-tread grounds of local park courts. The veteran pickleball players we encountered made us realize just how much we had to learn. With our competitive spirits ignited, we began to seek ways to improve, and that's when we discovered the Playtime Scheduler website.

Our first scheduled game was a revelation - and not in a good way. It was the two of us against a a single pickleballer twice our age. The forecasted rain had kept everyone else away, but this kind-hearted player took it upon himself to school us in the basics. Despite the pelting rain, he beat us soundly in a series of games, making it clear we had a long way to go.

That defeat, far from disheartening us, spurred us on. The competitive fire within us was lit. We took to the courts with renewed determination, investing in and upgrading to more professional paddles from Selkirk, Asics Pickleball Shoes, a Franklin Pickleball Bag and gear. Our quest to better our game led to countless hours on the court, many lessons learned, and yes, a few more defeats along the way. But with time, we began to see improvement, built a crew, and leveled up our game.

However, when it came time to upgrade our pickleball apparel, we soon realized that there was a glaring gap in the market: pickleball-specific apparel and accessories that were not only functional but stylish too. With our needs in mind, we thought, why not design our own?

And thus, our brand was born: a pickleball apparel and accessories brand by players, for players. We understand the journey of a pickleball player because we've been there, from the first tentative steps on the court to the thrill of a well-fought game. We are here to serve players at every stage of their journey, with gear that not only performs but also looks fantastic.

Join us as we revolutionize pickleball apparel, bringing style and flair to courts worldwide. Let us help you reach new heights - on and off the pickleball court.